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5 Year Life

200% Faster Charging

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Lead Acid batteries too heavy?
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Batteries dying sooner than they should?

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Customer Reviews

Tyler W.


Not having to maintain battery water levels on my commecial vehicles is awesome. These batteries really helped me save so much time as well.

Rick A.

Rick A.Happy Customer

I would not purchase a battery from anywhere else just becaues of the customer service Rhino Voltz offers! I needed some help and they helped me right away.

Lithium Ion Battery (LiFePO4) Options

Carriage Lithium Battery

Quick Connect Port

12V 20AH $99

12V 40AH $169

LifePo4 Lithium battery for Solar and Trolling motor

USB & Quick Connect Port

12 V 80 AH $299

12 V 200 (No USB) $539

Solar Lithium Battery

Quick Connect Cable Ports

12V 300AH $1435

24V 200AH $1829

48V 150AH $2700

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How much money are you wasting replacing batteries every couple years?

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Lithium batteries give you up to 400% more rated life than lead-acid batteries.


Our lithium batteries are guaranteed to never become corrosive or need maintenance like lead-acid batteries do.

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