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Stop buying batteries year after year and save money by buying a lithium battery with a 5 year warranty. RhinoVoltz has lithium batteries and more that you can depend on. Our lithium batteries are guaranteed to never become corrosive or need maintenance like lead-acid batteries do. They will give you up to 400% more rated life than lead-acid batteries.

Lead Acid vs. RhinoVoltz LiFePO4

Battery Usage Guidelines

• Do not discharge a new lithium-ion battery before it has been fully charged first.
• Use only RhinoVoltz or 14.4-14.6 volts lithium charger. Using an alternator or other lithium-ion charger will
void the warranty. Most solar controllers will work if set to 14.4 charge, 13.5 float for 5 hours, and 14.4
absorb for 1 hour.
• The battery must be kept dry .
• Do not leave the battery on a charging unit longer than 12 hours after it is fully charged.
• For battery protection, the battery will not charge below freezing.
• Keep batteries out of reach of children and personnel that has not been instructed concerning the use of
lithium-ion battery.
• Original receipt is required for claiming battery warranty.
• Do not use as engine starting battery.