About Us

After years of growing frustration with lead acid batteries that would too soon fail to hold a full charge, Gideon Zook and his nephew Steven Zook, decided to offer something better. In 2019 they founded Tri Z Power Partners in their hometown of Christiana, PA. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality energy related products.

The well-known tendency of lead acid batteries to store less and less power, to require equalized charging and periodic topping off the cells with water made these batteries seem like a technology whose time had come and gone. There had to be a better way to store power without spending a lot more money.

As they researched solutions, the Tri Z Power Partners called on their previous valuable experience importing products from China to make new connections with suppliers for high quality, reliable Lithium Ion batteries at competitive prices.

Buying direct from the manufacturer gives Tri Z Power access to the latest battery technology for a variety of applications from off-road vehicles to RVs to solar. And that access means they can offer specialty batteries and power products at the lowest prices.

We have a large dealer network through out the United States. Call 717-492-7119 to find a dealer close to you.

Tri Z Power Partners welcomes battery and power product questions about applications and availability. Call us at 717-492-7119 or email us at sales@rhinovoltz.com.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the greenest energy products available