Lithium Batteries

Light • Efficient • Low Maintenance • Faster Charging • Environment Friendly

Lithium batteries are 1/3 the weight of a lead acid battery. 99% of the power you put in will be absorbed in a lithium battery versus only 75% of a lead acid. Discharging a few times below 11.3 volts or forgetting to add water in a lead acid could reduce your Amp Hour usage and battery life by up to 25%. With LiFePO₄ there’s no need to add water, and discharging to 9.5V will not affect battery life. Lead acid batteries emit flammable gases while charging, but LiFePO₄ batteries do not emit gases. Gases from lead acid can set off CO detectors. Our lithium battery will charge 30% faster than and will absorb 30% more power than lead acid.