DC to DC Charger


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Our DC charger is a device which provides a safe way to use an alternator to charge your lithium battery. It is designed to connect to your diesel starter battery and lead acid battery and will charge as long as the lead acid battery is above 12.2 volts. It will charge your lithium battery up to 14.6 volts. An Anderson connector with 24” of wire is included but does not include the wire from the lead acid battery to your unit. We can provide that wire if needed.

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5 Amps, Charge Amps 15, Input 12V-30V, Output 14.6V, 10 Amps, Charge Amps 10, Input 12V-30V, Output 14.6V, 20 Amps, Charge Amps 20, Input 12V-30V, Output 14.6V


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