Solar Batteries

Large Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Batteries
To Run Your Solar Power Systems

Solar Lithium Iron Battery

Order Now & Get
66% Lighter

Fast Charging
4x More Life
Environment Friendly 

Stop Replacing Your Current Battery Every 2-3 Years
Save Hundreds On A Lithium Battery


Lower your cost per charge and have a battery that lasts four times as longer than a lead-acid battery. 


Our lithium based batteries have 2000-3000 charge cycles compared to a lead acid battery.

Light Weight

Lead-acid batteries are unbearably heavy. Our lithium batteries are 2/3 the size and weight of other batteries. 

Lithium vs. Lead Acid


Made the choice to invest in lithium batteries after buying lead acid every 3-4 years and getting tired of the maintenance task.

So far I am very happy with their performance.

Wayne S.

Lead Acid Batteries Only Give a 2-3 Year Warranty.

Our Lithium Iron Batteries Come With A 5 Year Warranty.

Most lead acid batteries are just too heavy to move around. Our Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is 60% lighter with a carrying handle and four times the power so you can move your battery as needed with no added effort and save a lot of money. 


12 V 200 AH

12 V 300 AH

24 V 200 AH

24 V 300 AH

48 V 150 AH

48 V 200 AH

48 V 300 AH

without volt Meter (blue battery)

With Volt Meter 2 USB Outlet

50 AMP Anderson Connector

How It Works

1. Remove Packaging

Carefully remove the battery from the shipping box.

2. Read Owners Manual

Lithium batteries have different procedures than a lead acid battery.

3. Connect As Desired

Lithium batteries can connect to a wide variety of devices, appliances &, vehicles.

Great For:

Solar Power Systems
Trolling Motors
And much more...

Do you want to continue to paying more money for lower quality batteries?

Lead-Acid Batteries...
Become Corrosive

Lose Power

Have To Be Replaced Often

Require Maintenence 

Stop wasting money on lead acid batteries.
Make The Smart Choice. Make The Efficient Choice.

Customer Reviews

Tyler W.


Not having to maintain battery water levels on my commecial vehicles is awesome. These batteries really helped me save so much time as well.

Rick A.

Rick A.Happy Customer

I would not purchase a battery from anywhere else just becaues of the customer service Rhino Voltz offers! I needed some help and they helped me right away.